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Mar. 5th, 2013


JUMP in Thailand

I've been seeing posts regarding JUMP in Japan :D

And it seems that Fans really got the opportunity to see them up close :D ( I wish I was there too :( )
Knowing that you know JUMP isn't really exposed to such crowds oftentimes. And it is really something you know.
because with JUMP coming to Thailand, and seeing those pictures, it seems that they've been more open. I'm not saying that they WERE not, but, they've been MORE open now to Public :D
I envy the fans!! Being so close to JUMP just like that! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Feb. 9th, 2012


[MOD] Facebook

Originally posted by kamichan_ya3 at [MOD] Facebook

We need to talk about Facebook. Yes, I know, everybody loves Facebook because it's so big and convenient and such a great way to connect to other people with similar interests blabla. Fine. But has anyone ever bothered to read Facebook's Term's of Service? No? Well maybe you should. Especially this part:

For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), [...] you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook.

While that may be fine with content that you actually hold the rights to it's a legal shitstorm waiting to happen if you grant Facebook the right to use Johnny's videos. And when that happens, when Johnny finally releases his lawyers to go after Facebook they way they're already going after YouTube, I'd rather not be anywhere near. Because Facebook knows everything about you, and make no mistake, they will not hesitate to use everything they know about you against you when Johnny's lawyers come knocking.

Which takes me to my 2nd point: don't credit me when you re-post videos I've uploaded. I know you're trying to be nice and do the right thing, but use some common sense. If someone passes on your stolen goods you don't want your name written all over them.

Also, stop abusing the © symbol. Shonen Club videos aren't © Kamichan they're © NHK.


Long story short:

  • Do not upload any content from this community to Facebook. Link back here instead.
  • Do not credit me for stuff I don't own.
Thank you.

Dec. 14th, 2011


(no subject)

 part 1

hello minna! sorry for being inactive so busy on school!!

Aug. 10th, 2011


(no subject)

 Happy Happy Birthday
My Beloved
YutoNakajima !

By the way,
Kyaa!~ you’re
already 18! So fast!
At this time, you are having your SUMMARY 2011 right?
It is another milestone in your career ne~
I wonder what would be the surprise for you!
Geez~ shigekiteki

I just wish you a happy happyhappy birthday!
I wish you a good health;
I wish you all the best in your career;
More blessings to come;
a breakthrough in your showbiz career;
Also, I wish that your wishes will come true
and guidance in your studies ^^

Stay as what you are!!! Ne~ take good care of yourself and family huh? Also JUMP!
Please do your best in all things!
Be a good big brother to Raiya, I know you’re such a good brother to him, and I like that attitude of yours 

Ne ne~ I wish also that Hey! Say! 7 will be solid as anything else.
I hope the five of you will develop an intimate relationship and be united J
It’s nice if you work as one, don’t let anyone to be left behind always do your best!

I will be right here for you! 
Not only me but all of the fans around the world
Please continue on inspiring people like me ^^
daisuki da yo! <3

GAMBARE!! I hope next time I could greet you even just in the concert times,
I wanna sing a Birthday Song to you in chorus with the other fans
I hope you can read this post someday and I hope I’ll meet you soon! ^^

If you’re having difficulties on understanding what I am saying,
Ask Keitokun ne~


May. 13th, 2011


yeah right

i'm so bombarded!!!
yeah right!
but everytime i see my wallpaper..
my current wallpaper!!

i am relieved!!


Jan. 6th, 2011



 ..we are sayhai!

In 2008, erika,rowee,princess,charlene and romela belong to one curriculum(STOC) but that curriculum was divided into 2 sections. In that separation,unfortunately, romela was taken away from the others. In 2 years ?(freshmen & sophomore) erika,rowee,princess and charlene belonged to one class. That time they still don’t know “crystel” because crystel belonged to other curriculum (regular).
Formerly erika,rowee,princess and charlene are addicted to anime,in the other side,crystel also is addicted to it. In that way,because almost all of the animes and manga series/japanese movies came from japan,they like anything connected to it.
During the summer of 2009,still crystel & erika don’t know each other, “GOKUSEN 3” was shown in a T.V station, of course because its obviuosly came from japan,crystel and erika watched it day by day episodes. And of course,from that long time admiration,they want to know more about the lead stars and of them is Takaki Yuya. And erika is really interested cause in the end of the story,she read on T.V Hey!Say!Jump! and then from the results,there it came out that he was an HSJ member(in different places & time the both came into that result) so in erika’s place, she just clicked the link Hey!Say!Jump! so another page was shown,she knew that its group who are good actors and singers. Upon reading it,she searched again HEY!Say!Jump! and got some of their pictures because she,at the time,is planning to make an album of japanese artist she like. Crystel ,on the other side, upon reading that they are good singers,immediately searched their songs and from that songs she listened,she idolized HSJ.
The month June came,time to get back to classes after 2 months of vacation. Unfotunately,romela,erika,rowee,princess and charlene got off from the curriculum for some reasons. So from being on the STOC curriculum,they were ought to be in the curriculum of regular class. And ,fortunately,the 6 of them belong to one section. And there they meet each other,but they’re not that close enough.
After a week,during their free time,the 5 stayed near where crystel is also.5(erika,rowee,princess,charlene and romela) are upstairs while crystel & her friends are on the stairs so they can see each other. Crystel just need to look up and erika needs to look down. Of course,once in awhile both of them need to see their surroundings and their eyes met and they smile at each other. At that time,erika just have a glance in crystel’s newly printed picture and she thought that the persons on it are familiar but she just ignored it because she’s still shy to have a conversation with crystel. But when she saw the picture again,in her mind,she said “i think its Hey!Say!Jump! but i’m not sure” she can’t resist it anymore so she asked crystel “is that Hey!Say!Jump!? can i borrow that?” crystel let erika borrow it cause what a coincidence her new classmate knew hey say jump ‘cause she thought only she and her bestfriend gemmalyn knew HSJ.
And from that “5” liked the HSJ members and from it,the 6 of them became close and bestfriend.

March 2013



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